CT Turkey, which carries out embedded software systems and system engineering projects in the automotive and aviation sectors in many European countries, made its first investment in Turkey in Izmir, rented a 300 square meter area at IzQ Entrepreneurship Center as of July 2022, will produce technology from Izmir to Europe.

Great investment in Izmir from the German Engineering Company! IzQ will produce technology for Europe

It is the 6th building of the Entrepreneurship building of IzQ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, which was established in partnership with Izmir Governorship, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, Izmir Commodity Exchange, Aegean Exporters’ Associations, Aegean Young Businessmen Association, Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen Association. 


The floor was rented by the German company CT Turkey. The company, which develops embedded software for Germany’s major automotive suppliers with its Turkish engineers and management staff from its Izmir office, plans to increase its number of employees, which is currently 10, to 50 people by the end of 2023. 


The company, which develops technology in the fields of driver/driving assistance systems, autonomous driving systems, telematics systems, classical/adaptive AUTOSAR systems, requirements engineering and functional safety, will also start working on information systems and internet of things projects in the future.