CT Turkey has started its engineering consultancy
services as of 2023 in Turkey/Izmir.


We are thrilled to announce that CT Turkey has started its engineering consultancy services as of 2023 in Turkey/Izmir.

Led by our dedicated Site Manager, Tobias Lehmann, and our Business Unit Manager, Emrah Çetin, our new site in Izmir houses a vibrant team of 11 specialists.


Each of them brings a unique blend of expertise and passion that aligns seamlessly with CT Group’s vision. This team specializes in a wide array of engineering services: from embedded software development in C/C++ and system engineering using Matlab/Simulink to advanced areas like cybersecurity and functional safety engineering services.

Diving right into some of the innovative projects, the Izmir team is currently immersed in the Central Diagnostics Gateway, Harvester Controller, Masters Control PCB, Adaptive AUTOSAR, and V2X.


They are collaborating non only with international, but also with local OEMs, TIER-1, TIER-2 suppliers.

“As for the roadmap ahead, the short-term goals for our Izmir site include forging robust partnerships within the region and gaining significant recognition in the Turkish market. The team is also keen on embedding itself within the local business community and tapping into potential leads, especially from the burgeoning renewable energy and defense sectors in Turkey. 


Looking further down the road, there’s a clear vision to double our business volume, bolster our service exports to current clients, and significantly broaden our client portfolio”, explains Emrah Çetin.

In conclusion, as we welcome our Izmir colleagues into our global family, let’s continue to support and celebrate each other’s achievements. Here’s to a new chapter in our ever-evolving CT story!