About us

CT is all about technology and innovation. We love challenges and see obstacles as new opportunities. Working closely with our customers we satisfy their most demanding requirements with agile, tailored services. The satisfaction of our customers has led us to become a preferred engineering partner in their most ambitious programs.


Our story begins in 2022,  for the purpose of helping industrial companies be more effective and competitive. 

Our experts are specialized in the professional software engineering of complex systems. For optimum quality and performance, we apply well-structured methodologies coupled with the use of powerful tools.

Our approach includes providing our clients with an Agile user experience and feedback capability to keep the systems high-performing and reliable.

Our work includes traceability of software releases and software configuration management, ensuring the reproducibility of older versions.

Our goal is to focus on a mission to introduce IT solutions and services for product and software engineering departments of industrial companies in Turkey and Europe.

Our mission

To provide innovative and technological solutions that help our

customers become more effective and competitive.

Our Values

We are honest, enthusiastic, and passionate about technology and always strive to fulfil our commitments to our clients. 

Engineering enthusiasts

Technology, innovation, and a customer-oriented culture are crucial to our company’s development. We deliver creative solutions to address current, and future, technological challenges.

We walk the talk

We are a consistent and trustworthy partner striving to fulfill commitments by always keeping a promise. The ones who make the promise will deliver the service. Our customer’s priorities are ours.

Moving forward together

CT’s values go beyond technology and innovation. Our engineers strive to exceed a customer’s expectations through integrity and a teamwork environment created by listening to and empathizing with the customer

Challenge seekers

Engineering and curiosity are linked together and our engineers are extremely curious people. They have contributed to CT’s growth and constant search for excellence. We are challenge seekers that see barriers as opportunities.

Our Team

Emrah Cetin

Business Unit Manager &
Managing Director

Tobias Lehmann

Site Manager

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Koray Bilgin

Project Manager

Muge Uysal

HR Partner